How to Start Tissue Paper Business – Manufacturing, Profit Margin, and Business Plan

Tissue papers are an essential commodity for humans throughout the world they were used both domestically and commercially for various purposes. Today we are going to learn about how to start a tissue paper business its market opportunities, Profit Margin, and Manufacturing process along with a detailed Business plan.

An Overview of Tissue Paper Business

Toilet paper Business involves making end products such as tissue rolls, wipes, napkins, and paper towels from the initial raw material called Jumbo tissue rolls which were made out of virgin wood pulp or through recycled paper. These large-sized paper rolls were cut into different types of tissue paper using special machinery and were finally sold into the market.

The overall process of making the end products from the initial raw material and selling them in the market is the key concept of the Tissue paper making business.

Different Types of Tissue Papers and Their Usages

Tissue paper come in different sizes and shapes and their composition also differs based on the raw material.

A tissue paper made from 100% virgin pulp is costlier than the one made from recycled paper. Here are some common types of tissue papers and their sizes and applications. Most of the below tissue papers come in 1ply, 2ply and 3 ply thickness. The more the thickness the more will be the absorbent nature of tissue

Type of Tissue papersCommon Sizes (in centimeters)Commonly Used in.
Toilet Paper9*10, 10*10Personal Hygiene
Paper Towels21*21, 23*20, 27.5*27.5Used for household applications especially like Cleaning surfaces of the kitchen area, wiping off dust on surfaces
Facial tissues15*20, 16*18Cleaning skin, removing make-up, and cleaning external scars
Different Types of Tissue Papers and their uses

Market Scenario and Usage of Tissue Papers

The usage of Tissue papers has drastically increased over the years in several parts of the world. It has become so much common that, it is being sold as a basic item in every grocery shop where it was not sold earlier.

Tourism, hospitality, and restaurants are one of the main areas where tissue papers have high demand.

Globalization, improved logistics, and accessibility to raw materials for tissue paper manufacturing can be seen as some factors contributed to the growth of tissue paper usage in different parts of the world When we look at the global market of tissue paper, it is expected to reach USD 102.57 billion by 2026. Factors such as growing personal hygiene and sanitization practices can be considered as potential points that contributed to the growth of this industry.

Business Opportunities

There are a wide variety of business opportunities in Toilet Paper Business. Starting from complete manufacturing of tissue paper material to selling end products at an enterprise level. Here are four major options in this business.

1. Tissue paper Manufacturing Business

This comes under large scale manufacturing business. Where the main objective is to produce raw material (Jumbo rolls) from the 100 % virgin wood pulp or through recycling process and produce the paper material which in turn is used in the manufacturing of tissue papers.

Generally, these paper material are made into a large sized tissue rolls which are supplied to tissue paper making companies. As it is a completely manufacturing process it requires high investment, manpower and resources.

2. Selling Bulk Tissue paper Raw Material to Tissue paper Making Companies

In this model, you would purchase bulk amount of jumbo tissue rolls directly from the manufacturing companies and sell them to tissue paper making companies. In this type of business, you will be acting as a distributor or a supplier between the paper manufacturing company and the tissue paper company, so you need to be very good at marketing and supply chain.

3. Making end products from Raw Tissue Paper Material and Selling them in Market

This is one of the most seen business models in this industry. Here, you will manufacture various kinds of tissue paper products such as toilet papers, paper towels and tissue wipes from the raw material using different machinery. The investment requires to start this type of business can range from 8 – 10 Lakhs and requires 2- 3 workers.

4. Starting a Tissue Paper Distribution Business

Also commonly known as Toilet Paper Distribution Business here you would set up an enterprise company and procure tissue paper products from several companies and sell them to offices, restaurants, hotels, shops and other such commercial areas for a profit margin. In this type of business, one must be good at marketing, customer service and making deals. Profitability depends upon number of clients you can make.

Tissue Paper Making Business Plan

The investment and operation costs for running a tissue paper business depend upon the type of product that you were producing. For example, if your company manufactures 2PLY thickness normal toilet paper which is commonly available in supermarkets then you need an investment of up to 15 Lakhs. This will cover machinery, raw materials, wages to workers, and rent for the building. Again, this is just an average value based upon production capacity it can be more or less.

If your aim is to produce different types of tissue papers then you need to purchase different machinery and raw materials which can cost significantly. But you have a chance to diversify your business meeting several customer needs.

Let’s find some basic things of Tissue Paper Business Plan which play an essential role in whole business

Market Research

Thorough market research is key to a successful business. It provides crucial insights for your business and gives you an idea on how to operate the unit, how much investment is required and how well your products can be marketed, and what are the marketing channels etc., can be planned at this stage

Business License and Registrations

You can register your business as under LLC or Private Limited or Partnership. Keep in mind along with your profile, business registration also plays a significant role in obtaining loans or funding from organizations.

Along with that, you need GST registration, Trade license, Udyam Registration, and Import Export Code, if you were going to import or export any goods for your business then you required this code

Tissue Paper Making Machine

This is the main component of your business. The price of the machine ranges from 5 Lakh to 10 Lakh.

Most of the Paper Napkin Making Machines come with a fully automatic process where you can adjust the product capacity, speed of the process, and cutting sizes of the paper material. The price of the machines depends upon capacity, mode of operation (Automatic or Semi-automatic), and the prices also vary depending on the type of tissue Paper material it works on and other features like coating, embossing, and folding methods

Price: 5 – 10 Lakhs

Tissue Paper Making Machine
Tissue Paper Making Machine

Location Requirement

One can run this business decently in an area of 750 – 1000 Sq.ft which is sufficient for the Machine, storing Jumbo tissue rolls, and Packing material. On average the rent could be 15,000 to 20,000 rupees. You must make sure the rent should be at a minimal level and the unit should be at a reachable distance from nearby shops and market areas. It is also good if you can access it via public transportation.

Details: 750 – 1000 Sq.Ft

Raw Material – Jumbo Tissue Rolls

This is the main ingredient of the tissue paper-making business. The raw material is nothing but the Large-sized jumbo tissue paper roll also called as Mother reel, which is available in different quantities like 10, 15, 25, 50, 70, and 100 Kgs up to 1 Ton and measures 3 to 5 feet in size

Tissue Jumbo roll
Tissue Jumbo Roll

Basically, we have to load this paper roll onto the Tissue paper making machine and then start the production process. The cost of the tissue rolls depends on thickness, the composition of paper material, and quantity you were purchasing. On average Mother reels cost around 15,000 to 65,000 rupees and if you were importing them from other countries, then extra custom charges and taxes would apply.

Type of Tissue Jumbo RollGSMUsed for MakingAverage Price
Napkin Tissue15-18 GSMPaper Napkins, paper towels60 – 70 /Kg
Plain soft tissue50 – 80 GSMfacial tissues and daily usage80 – 90 /Kg
100% Virgin wood Tissue paper rolls16-20 GSMPersonal hygiene and cleaning make-up, Used in Spas100 – 120/Kg
Tissue Jumbo roll varieties


Tissue paper business doesn’t require huge manpower or technical knowledge. One can run this business with just 2 -3 workers, where one can operate the machine and the other can work on packing the products.

Requirement:  2 – 3 Workers


One good thing about this business is, that it doesn’t require too much of resources to operate the unit, just needs to ensure a good power supply of 3 kW is supplied to the machine throughout its operation. It is also good to have a backup generator for the safe side to prevent any voltage fluctuations

Details: Power supply of 3Kw

Tissue Paper Manufacturing Process

Steps involved in Tissue Paper making Process

  1. In the first step, Large Tissue Jumbo roll will be placed onto the tissue paper making machine.
  2. Later, manually we should drag one end of the tissue paper roll carefully and feed it to the rollers till the cutting machine
  3. And then we should switch on the machine and adjust the machine rotation such that, the tissue paper roll slowly starts to revolve and push the paper through the rollers
  4. These rollers usually contain small perforations on them which helps to make small bulge-shaped holes onto the tissue paper which is called embossing. This process helps in increasing the thickness of the tissue paper, absorption and gives softness to the tissue napkin
  5. Once the tissue paper embossing is completed it will be moved to the printing unit, which applies a design on to the tissue paper. This can be an optional set-up where you can switch off so that, you can make plain tissue papers
  6. Next, the tissue paper will pass through a folding drum where the tissue paper will be passed through two highspeed rollers
  7. These rollers push the tissue paper towards the cutting machine which separates the large tissue paper into small portions depending upon your required size.
  8. Finally, these tissue papers can be packed into different packets sizes like 50, 70 or 100

Tissue Paper Profit Analyses

One can make a decent profit from the tissue paper business. Considering their wide market opportunities and economical manufacturing process. One can expect a decent Return on Investment from this Business. However, one must remember that the initial expenses such as machinery and the raw material could be costly. Let’s do a rough profit margin estimation of a tissue paper making company that produces Tissue Paper Napkins and runs for 300 working days


Dear users, this is just a rough estimation for informational purposes only. Please do not use it or take it for granted. We sincerely request you to approach a professional who can guide you in providing a proper estimation report basing upon your requirement

Automatic Tissue Paper Making Machine550,000
Cost of Jumbo rolls65/Kg
Daily Production capacity2,50,000 tissues
Tissue paper Specifications15 GSM, 1.35 gm each
Monthly Expenses
Approx. Jumbo rolls required per day production2 No’s (140 Kgs or two 70 Kgs rolls)
Approx. Cost of each Jumbo Roll9,500
Cost of Jumbo Roll Per Month (25 Days)Rs 475,000
Packing Material per monthRs 10,000
Power consumption 3.5 Kw10,000
Wages to Workers (2)17,000
Repairs and Maintenance5000
Other expenses3,500
Monthly Expenses545,500
Daily Production capacity250,000
Yearly Capacity (300 days)75,000,000 Tissues
Total Number of Packets produced per year (100 in one pack)750,000
Average Wholesale Selling Price of 100 pieces Tissue Paper Packet13 Rs
Value of total packets produced per year9,750,000 Lakhs
Profit Analyses
Machinery Cost550,000
Yearly Expenses6,546,000
Approx. Interest to be paid per yearly2,50,000
Total Expenses Per Year7,096,000
(Production value – yearly expenses)9,750,000 – 7,096,000
Consider only 70 % of sales were done in first year1,857,800
Depreciation on Machinery (10% of machine cost)55,000
Marketing expenses per year200,000
Tissue paper Business Profit Analyses

Import and Export Opportunities in Tissue Paper Business

Tissue papers have demand worldwide there are lot of Import and export opportunities in this business. For example, if you were to manufacture premium tissue papers you can import Virgin tissue rolls from other countries and manufacture the tissue papers and sell them for a profit in your country. On other hand, you can also export tissue papers to other countries where you can sell them for a good profit margin and expand your business. The key concept in this business is expand your market opportunities and keep up your product quality.

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